We imagined what life could be like if we had land and animals, assuming it was out of reach. Until one day we pursued the life we dreamed of and found that all along it was meant for us.



Wildroot Cove is about using the land and the resources for our benefit - not only for our family, but for other people around us. The purpose behind it is always growing into something more than we originally imagined.


My heart behind WRC is to use what God has given us abundantly. As a wife and mom, it is rewarding to spend our evenings as a family out enjoying the animals. All three of us do our part in making sure the animals are taken care of.



Wildroot Cove is special - it is a blessing to me. It feels good that people come and are happy to be here. The goats love it here and are a lot of fun to be around. I get to take care of the chickens and sell farm fresh eggs.

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