About Us

We were content living in our suburban home, however our conversations inevitably went to dreaming of a life of homesteading. With no background of managing land and farm animals, we figured it was a pipedream. When presented with the opportunity to make this dream a reality, we researched, prepped, built and invested. We now realize that despite the lack of experience, it all works because we love doing it.


The Journey

When I think about where Wildroot Cove started, I think back to this moment of Kenley and I sitting on the couch drawing pictures of us snuggling on January 1, 2017. Little did we know, in a short six months from that moment, our entire world would shift.

Tyson and I had browsed for properties for over a year and nothing on the market matched our criteria – we wanted at least six acres and we had a 2-mile radius mapped out in Nowthen, Minnesota. However, with our commutes to work, it still would not be practical. Tyson joked one day, “It might work out if you worked in Coon Rapids.” A few days later, a job position in Coon Rapids was posted. This was the first step God had given us to get to where we are today. I claim the entire timeline of our journey was directed and appointed from God, others might say coincidental. Call it what you want, there were six months of too-good-to-be-true opportunities laid out in front of us to get to where we are today. If you would like to know more of this story, we might need to get coffee.

When we are not hanging out with goats…

we are typically drinking coffee. Kenley and I (Tara) are a bit artistic. We work on handlettering together and are usually creating something. I am a graphic designer so I often have jobs and projects to do at home. Tyson enjoys to fill his free time with projects around our property, but when the weather says otherwise, he’s inside with us playing a ukulele or he is out on the ice fishing.



What’s NExt?

We strive to be obedient to God in using everything we have for His purposes. As of right now, that means goat yoga, family visits, supplying goat milk and connecting with people near and far. We have goals of introducing new animals into WRC, such as sheep, horses and various types of poultry. We also have plans of planting orchards and gardens in the near future.