Cove Coffee Convos


We are often asked by family, friends, coworkers, neighbors and the cashier at Tractor Supply Co, “Why did you decide to do this?” and “Why goats?” 

The “why” stems from so many conversations that Tyson and I had while simply enjoying coffee together over the span of our marriage. Some have found our journey inspiring, not in the sense that they should follow our lead and pick up some livestock, but because God had given us a purpose and we went for it.

We decided to put our “why” out there in various posts called Cove Coffee Convos - you can read them below. Maybe you find it interesting to read or maybe it’s just left there, documented for me to look back on when I have a hard day here at Wildroot Cove. These posts will be sporadic and there’s no telling as to how many there will be as our “why” is still evolving.