• All our goats at Wildroot Cove are registered through the American Dairy Goat Association. When you purchase a goat from us, the goat will either already be registered or will come with registration papers fill out and ready to be submitted.

  • Our herd was tested negative CAE/Johne’s/CL in January 2019.

  • All goats are disbudded within a week of birth and ears are tattooed as well.

  • All baby goats receive CDT vaccination and preventative treatments for Coccidiosis.

  • We send all our goat kids with a care package of items that might come in handy with making sure the goat is as comfortable as possible with the transition of moving.

  • A $50 non-refundable deposit is required to retain a goat. Full payment due when the baby goat is weaned and ready for pick-up.

We are selling some quality goats that we would love to keep and simply don’t have the space for. Goats listed below are priced based on their pedigree.


Want to see more pictures of Kidding 2019?

Here are blog posts that show photos of the kids as well as the labor story - for documenting and possibly learning lessons for other homesteaders.

Also, follow us on instagram or facebook for regular updates to watch these kids grow!


Doeling - $425 (Frenchy + Harvey) SOLD

Doeling is pictured closer to the camera.

Doeling is pictured closer to the camera.


This doeling was born March 29 - she has a light creamy buckskin pattern. Her sire and dam both have a very impressive pedigree of both scoring well on linear appraisals, showing and milking. This doeling might be the fastest goat I have ever seen, she loves to run and has a very upbeat personality. Learn more about her from our blog post.


Buckling Wether - $125 (Diamond + Harvey) SOLD

Diamond's buckling

This buckling has a gorgeous creamy buckskin. Learn more about him from our blog post.


Doeling - $450 (Dolly + Cash)


ADGA Superior Genetics and milking genetics in her pedigree. This doeling has such a sweet, cuddly personality… she crawls up in our lap and falls asleep. I don’t want to sell her. Husband is making me. You can learn more about her in this blog post.


Buckling - $250 (Dolly + Cash) SOLD

We call him Caribou, this bottle baby is extremely friendly and social. He has a very correct posture and comes with Superior Genetics in his pedigree as well as very impressive milkers! See more photos and read more about him in this blog post.

Buckling - $225 (Peanut + Harvey) SOLD


We nicknamed him Fox - this buckling was born looking as if he was three weeks old. So strong, healthy and correct.