Why Nigerian Dwarfs?

  1. Being this is a smaller breed, Nigerian Dwarfs take up less space and are more cost efficient with feed.

  2. Again, with their smaller size, they are a bit easier for our 5-year old to handle. It is important to us to have a friendly breed with all the kids we have over frequently.

  3. Nigerian Dwarfs are funny! They have puppy-like personalities. A little mischievous at times, but they always give us something to smile or laugh about.

  4. Nigerian Dwarfs have heat cycles every 21 to 28 days year-round whereas other breeds of goats have one season of heat cycle in the fall. This gives us more flexibility with our breeding plans.

  5. Quality over quantity - We have converted the biggest skeptics of goat milk with giving them a sample of our Nigerian’s milk. I myself, took my first drink apprehensively and was shocked that it tasted better than cows milk. Nigerian Dwarfs don’t milk as much of a volume, averaging about one-quart per day for each goat. But their butterfat is the highest percentage making their milk creamy and delicious. Perfect for cream in your coffee or homemade ice cream. Below is an infographic from Chaffhaye that shows the different breeds of dairy goats.