Building a Dream Together

I recognize this look we are giving each other from the monumental moments. The "I'm so excited but what did we just do?" look. I've seen it when we bought our first home, when Tyson started his first day at a new job after years of schooling and unpaid internships, when we brought home a baby and of course the time we welcomed two goats into our lives. 

At 25, you think you have it figured out... Or at least I did. We had the wedding, the house, the jobs and the plans... But none of that had even a glimpse of Wildroot Cove. If you would have told us back then where we would be only eight years later, I don't think either of us would believe it. We would hardly recognize the two people we have become. 

In the past year, we have expanded our comfort zone to build our life together in a way we could also love others around us more - a divine purpose from our creator Himself. Despite the change of our scenery and our ambitions, this look we give each other has stayed the same.