In Another Life

Halfway through getting my ombré hairstyle touched up, my dear friend and hairstylist asked me, “do you and Tyson ever consider moving?” I responded, “No, we will not move any time soon...” as we were very comfortable and happy with our life the way it was, “but in another life, I would be a goat farmer.” The truth is I had been daydreaming about this scene in my head that I never even mentioned to my husband because it was simply not our life and at the time, I was ok with that. 

Later that same day, Tyson came home and said, “You’re going to want to see this!” as he showed me a real estate listing of a hobby farm on Thicket Hill. This particular turn-key property was beautiful with rolling hills, white picket fences and a large pole barn ready for horses but was a bit out of our price range of course. However, this original listing of the house on Thicket Hill initiated a whole new direction for our family. For the first time, we were imagining what our lives could be like living in this type of environment.