8 p.m. would roll around and most evenings in our first years of parenting, Tyson and I would be able to relax and sit on the couch. I remember the night we felt like we were wasting time sitting there night after night watching TV. Not that anything is wrong with that – but we wished we shared an interest or hobby together. We knew that starting a homestead would mean work and there would be days we would have to trade in that down time, but we agreed it would be worth it because we would be doing it together.

We are a little over one year into this journey and nothing about it was easy. The costs, the hours, the chores, the winter… the work. Last fall, we were digging post-holes on a 10 degree windy day – the ground would be freezing soon and this project would make or break if we’d be ready for our goats to move to WRC in time before they delivered babies. We didn’t verbalize it until later, but we both felt we were in over our heads with a tight deadline. In a moment that felt like defeat, Tyson says, “Well, we’re doing it together.” And we busted out laughing at our crazy ambitions. As challenging as some days were, we did it! This is our shared interest, our hobby, our life we are building up one project at a time. 

I underestimated the reward of this labor. Now we spend a lot of our evenings leaning on the fence watching our kid and the animals and we still save a little of our time for Netflix.