To Have Something to Give

We dove into the deep end and reserved two bred goats before we even had a barn. We had less than five months to build the barn, install the fence, build hay feeders and gather supplies before the goats delivered. The motivator was that a loved one was expecting a baby around the same time and we wanted to have goat milk ready for her in case she needed to supplement as she had experienced challenges with breastfeeding in the past. Thankfully, she did not need to which is best case scenario. WRC started with the intent to have something to give. It took a lot of prep work and learning in a short amount of time, which worked out really well for us! 

Honestly, you can use anything to make someone's day better, no matter how big or how small. Send a text, run an errand for someone, listen to someone or help out with a project. Anytime we have given something that we felt slightly nervous about, as if we don’t have that much money to give or we don’t have that much time to dedicate, time and time again God gives it back to us immediately. 

When we had this vision of homesteading, we wanted to have tools on-hand that could bless others. In my mind, I imagined Kenley and I dropping off baskets of produce and eggs to families - let me tell you, that has not happened. A goat ate my peppers in one bite. However, there are other ways that were least expected, like through selling goat kids, hosting families over and goat yoga. 

It never has to be complicated. Simply leave people better than you found them.