Diamond's Kids

DOB: Monday, April 8

Diamond has a very special place here at Wildroot Cove, she was the very first goat we picked out and what a perfect introduction to goats she is. She taught me how to help deliver, she taught me how to milk, she taught me how goats sneak out of a pen to try to get into the food… And now her labor has taught me how to intervene during a labor and assist when there might be complications. I always joke that I wish I saw Diamond as a mama before I had Kenley because I would try to be more like her and a little less like me (that’s how good of a mama she is!).

DOELING - Retained

  • Brown chamoisee, blue eyes

Buckling - $300

  • Cream buckskin with white overlay


She is a tough goat for baby watch because she doesn’t complain and doesn’t seem too bothered until she’s getting heavy contractions. We monitored her and knew she started contractions around 10 p.m. At 3:30 a.m. she started pushing. I ran out to the barn and a healthy blue-eyed doeling was born before I got to her. We started to get a little concerned that it was taking a while for the second baby and we later learned that it was born with its neck back, which can be problematic but Diamond did awesome and he is a cute, healthy buckling. There was a third buckling that was DOA (stillborn) and it was very tough for her to deliver him. I assisted but I must say, Diamond truly did great with delivering these babies in a not so ideal situation.

We love the two healthy kids she gave us! Kenley’s favorite kid so far is the buckling because he’s so pretty!