Dolly's Kids

DOB: Wednesday, April 10

Dolly delivered buck doe twins, we have come to love both kids. The buckling had trouble learning to nurse so he became a bottle baby. The doeling took on to nursing and is raised by Dolly. We have been milking Dolly morning and night to keep her milk supply up so that we can feed it to the buckling.

The labor and delivery was pretty uneventful (which is good!). However, Dolly was definitely exhausted by the end. We have a blog post with our kidding list - as a lot of lists I have seen online don’t take the dam into consideration. Supplementing her with CMPK and Probiotics helped energize her so she not only could take care of her kids, but also so that she is healthy. Making sure she has a boost during and after labor also helps improve her milk supply for milking.

Both kids are super friendly. They say bottle babies are more friendly. However, even though one is dam-raised and the other bottle fed, they are both equally friendly with us. This doeling will crawl up in my lap on a warm sunny day and take a nap. Out of the eight babies we’ve had this year, I go out to the barn to visit her to get my fill of baby goat love.


Caribou, the Bottle Babe

Along with homesteading, we work. Bottle feeding baby goats is last resort with our schedule. Luckily, we have AMAZING people in our lives (some in our own neighborhood!) to step in and help when needed!

Thank you, Mazie for taking Caribou for an entire week to get him through the newborn stage!

And thank you to Ruth, Becky and Britta for stopping by to feed him the occasional bottle, keeping his belly full during our work shifts.