Step Two: Milk a Goat


I have only tried Nigerian Dwarf goat milk. In my opinion, it tastes better than cow milk. If you are brand new to milking, you may want to take all the pressure off yourself and read Step One first. A lot of the taste of milk depends on the cleanliness and the process.


My supply list - is really Danelle’s supply list from Weed Em and Reap. Thanks, Danelle!


Milking Goats

Clean the milking area - my milkstand is right next to the goats pen. I always clean the milkstand and sweep underneath the milking area as well.

Feed them some good stuff. Hay pellets, grain, black oil sunflower seeds, beet pulp and chaffhaye are all good choices to keep them content.

Clean the goat’s udder and belly with an udder wipe. I clean the belly along with the udder to clean bacteria and eliminate loose hairs falling in the milk.

Milk two squirts into a separate container than the one you will milk in and dispose of it. This gets rid of the milk that is contaminated from sitting in the teat.

Milk your goat in a seamless stainless steel container, my favorite 1-quart pail fits under the goat well, is not tall or easy to tip (although, spilling still occurs now and then) and is easy to clean.

Filter the milk through cheese cloth (I layer the cheese cloth by folding it twice). through a milk strainer into a glass jar. We use 1-quart large mouth mason jars. We replace the metal caps with either easy-to-pour caps or plastic caps so that the jars do not rust.

Cool down the milk to 35-38 degrees as quickly as possible. I place my mason jar in my freezer for 30 minutes. Other people make an “ice bath” with a bowl of ice to put the mason jar in the middle. Either way, give that jar of milk a little shake to make sure the milk sitting in the middle can cool down as well.

Rinse out all your milking supplies with cold water. Then, wash with warm water and soap.

Photo taken by my friend Steph, who enjoyed goat milk in her coffee.

Photo taken by my friend Steph, who enjoyed goat milk in her coffee.

Then, you can enjoy a glass of milk or use it in your coffee or cereal. Learn how to make cheese, ice cream, caramels, chocolate pudding, goat milk soap or goat milk lotion.