Kids + Kids Goat Yoga

Bringing human kids, goat kids and yoga all together!


Yes! You read that right! Wildroot Goat Yoga is now offering Kids + Kids Goat Yoga!


Is your kiddo an animal lover? Have you heard about goat yoga? Baby goats are due to arrive in spring 2019, just in time for our first Kids + Kids Goat Yoga class. This class is a parent/child class (one parent per child or one parent per two children). Classes are geared towards two age groups - Lower Elementary (K-2nd Grade) and Upper Elementary (3rd-5th Grade).

Miss Mazie will teach a 45-minute kids goat yoga class with guided movement and songs. You and your child will be able to snuggle the goats after! Your visit at Wildroot Goat Yoga will be photographed throughout to document your special time together!


Details about Kids + Kids Goat Yoga

  • Space is limited to 24 humans total (and a few baby goats) per class.

    - Lower elementary class - one paid adult must accompany no more than two children.

    - Upper elementary class - one paid adult must accompany no more than two children.

  • Please purchase 1 ticket for each person attending class.

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early to sign the waivers and claim your spot. Sign the waiver for yourself, an additional waiver needs to be signed by each child’s legal guardian.

  • Bring something to practice yoga on for each participant (yoga mat, beach towel, blanket), or bring $5 to rent a mat from us.

  • Please note that you are responsible for your child. It is ultimately your responsibility that they stay safe and respect the animals and other participants at all times.

We don’t want to be strict, but…

we take the safety of animals and human kids very seriously. Therefore, there is a zero tolerance policy for picking up, carrying, pushing, kicking, etc. the animals or other participants.

Failure to follow this will result in immediate removal of your party off the Wildroot Goat Yoga property.

We would appreciate your best judgment if your child can adhere to these policies before arriving to class.


Kids + Kids Goat Yoga Questions

How do I purchase tickets?

Please click here to find the event you’d like to register for and purchase tickets for you and your party. Please note if 1 caregiver and 1 kid plan on attending class you will have to buy 2 individual tickets. If 1 caregiver and 2 kids plan on attending class you will have to buy 3 individual tickets.

What should I bring?

Please bring something to practice yoga on for you and everyone else in your party (yoga mat, beach towel, blanket or $5 to rent a mat from us). You may also want a to bring a water bottle for everyone and sunblock (depending on the weather).

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes! We need you to sign the waiver for yourself and an additional waiver needs to be signed by each child’s legal guardian before participating in the class.

Can I just watch my kid outside of the studio?

No. This specific class is designed for you and your kid to make memories together! We need you to be present and to participate in the goat yoga class. Rest is always welcomed and encouraged during every Wildroot Goat Yoga Class. If you would like to rest and pet the goats during your yoga class, please feel free to sit on your yoga mat to catch your breath at any point during class.

Can I bring someone else to watch the class outside of the studio?

Unfortunately, no. We do not allow any spectators outside of the studio to respect the privacy of all our participants. Anyone who would like to watch is always welcome purchase a ticket and join the class themselves!

What if my child isn’t in kindergarten yet?

No worries, if your child is not in kindergarten yet. If they are at least 5 years of age they are more than welcome to join the Lower elementary class. Unfortunately we do not have a class for kids less than 5 years old at this time. Please note that the lower elementary class is specifically designed for children 5 years and older.

Do you have classes for older children?

If you have a kid interested in participating in goat yoga that is older than a 5th grader, they are more than welcome to register for the upper elementary class! They must have a caregiver attend class with them (1 caregiver per 2 kids). Please note that this class was designed specifically for upper elementary school kids.

What if 2 caregivers want to attend class with 1 kid?

If for example both mom & dad want attend class with their kid, no worries! Just purchase 3 tickets for your party. We would love to see you all there!

I have more than one child, how can they all participate?

What if I have a 5- and a 9-year old that want to be in the same class?

If you would like your kids to attend the same class that is totally fine! In this situation you would need to register both you and your kids for the lower elementary class. Unfortunately, we cannot have a 5-year old join the upper elementary class as this will be too advanced for them. Please also note that the lower elementary class is specifically designed for kids in this age group so your 9-year old may also feel out of place.

What if I have a 2nd grader and a 3rd grader that want to be in the same class?

If you feel as though your 2nd grader will be able to keep up with a more advanced class, feel free to register for the upper elementary class. Please note you only need 1 caregiver per 2 kids for this specific class.

What if I have 3 or more kids?

If you have 3 kids all signing up for the same class, you will need to recruit one additional caregiver to attend either class with you. In each class we allow 1 caregiver per 2 kids.

Be sure to check out our details page for even more information! If you still can’t find your answers feel free to email us at