The Things I learned from Caribou

Caribou eye.jpg

The Things I learned From Caribou

What a week with a baby goat will teach you.

  1. If your herd doesn’t want you. Find a stronger crew.

  2. It’s okay to spontaneously jump every once and awhile.

  3. No one can tell you how loud you can be. Despite weighing approximately 3lbs.

  4. Be STRONG. Don’t get tricked. Even if your goat acts starving. Don’t let him overeat.

  5. No matter how much I love him, or how well I care for him, Caribou will never have the best life with me. And because of that I have to let him go.

Thank you for letting me foster you Bou. I hope you have the best life at home and you continue to be strong and fierce.

Two Dogs and a Goat


Hi, I’m Mazie…

As most of you know, I am a partner and yoga instructor at Wildroot Goat Yoga. Wildroot Goat Yoga is located at Wildroot Cove, which is a little farm owned by our close family friends Tara & Tyson. On April 11th, Wildroot Cove posted a plea for help - one of their newborn goats was having feeding issues and he was getting weaker by the hour. 

As a devoted animal lover, it kills me to watch any animal suffer. I immediately offered to nurse him back to help before I knew what I was doing!

A little history on my love for animals…

My husband, Justin is a saint. I cannot even imagine what it would be like to be married to me. I am constantly offering to watch peoples dogs, take in strays, and do whatever to give animals a safe place to stay. This is a new one for us though, I have never volunteered to take care of a sick farm animal! 

When Justin and I first met he was NOT an animal person. I also played it off like I wasn’t a huge animal person either. I made it seem like I liked animals, you know, the normal amount. Sorry I lied Justin!

Within the first couple months of marriage I was begging for a dog and searching for dogs we could adopt (because #adoptdontshop of course!). I finally found a dog that my husband said “looked pretty cute”… I was in. I applied for the dog immediately. We went to meet the dog the next morning. I scooped him up in my arms and never put him back down. Justin had no idea what kind of door he opened after that.

A couple months later, I convinced him that we should start to foster dogs. We successfully fostered one dog and even though it was hard on me, it was so worth it and made me want to foster again.  When we started to foster the second dog, that’s how we ended up having two family dogs. Because Justin doesn’t want to have 3 family dogs, we no longer foster. 


Fast forward to now. After I chatted with Tara about nursing this baby goat back to health, we agreed I would come over in the morning to evaluate the situation. Did I tell Justin any of this? Nope. It never even crossed my mind. An animal needs help, I am capable of helping, therefore I will help. Thats how the conversation went in my head at least. 

When I met up with Tara she made up her mind and I was going to be taking this little guy home. (After you snuggle a baby goat and they fall asleep in your arms. You will agree to anything.) I took down the proper instructions about his feeding schedule, how to check a temperature, make sure he stays safe, etc. 

I got in my Jeep, set the goat in my lap, took a deep breath, and thought, “what the hell did I just get myself into?”

I am happy to report that everything is going okay. After a quick text convo with Justin starting with “how mad will you be if I bring a baby goat home” and eventually ending with “Fine.” We are still happily married. Caribou is drinking his proper amount of milk, pooping and peeing the appropriate amount of times, and he’s still just as cute as ever. Although Justin may seem like he isn’t an animal lover I have caught him numerous times peaking into the goat room checking on the little guy to see if he’s okay. Welcome to the Gengler household Caribou, we hope you enjoy your stay. 

This is the story of how my husband and I ended up with two dogs and a goat. This is the story of Caribou. Feel free to follow us along in this endeavor we are just beginning.