The Things I learned from Caribou

Caribou eye.jpg

The Things I learned From Caribou

What a week with a baby goat will teach you.

  1. If your herd doesn’t want you. Find a stronger crew.

  2. It’s okay to spontaneously jump every once and awhile.

  3. No one can tell you how loud you can be. Despite weighing approximately 3lbs.

  4. Be STRONG. Don’t get tricked. Even if your goat acts starving. Don’t let him overeat.

  5. No matter how much I love him, or how well I care for him, Caribou will never have the best life with me. And because of that I have to let him go.

Thank you for letting me foster you Bou. I hope you have the best life at home and you continue to be strong and fierce.