Kenley’s Farm Fresh Eggs


Kenley takes great care of her flock and loves to educate others on the different breeds and how she cares for them. Supplements like “probiotics” and “nutri-drench” are a regular part of her conversations. She gets home from school and collects the eggs, lets the chickens free-range all day and takes out the table scraps as treats. Once she does all her fun stamping, she delivers. She makes sure her customers know how long these eggs are good out on the counter and how to clean them before consuming them. Before you think it’s cute and agree to be a customer, just be warned - she’s got the hustlin’ part of the business down, too. You can learn more about how Kenley takes care of her eggs by reading about it on our blog.


To legally sell raw goat milk and cream in the state of Minnesota (statute 32.393 - limitation on sale),

  • a farm cannot advertise

  • the customer must pick-up at the farm

  • the customer must provide their own container

We recommend any customer in the market for raw milk to ask their farmers about their milking practices. For more questions, please contact us.