Peanut's Kids

DOB: Tuesday, April 30

Peanut had a smooth delivery. Everything seemed to be going just perfect. Something I always pay attention to is how the mama is cleaning up her kids and I noticed Peanut was spending a lot of her energy and time on the buckling instead of the doeling. I milked colostrum out of Peanut and syringe-fed it to the doeling, as she seemed too weak to stand. After 20 minutes, I noticed this doeling looked like she couldn’t stay awake and seemed to be getting weaker. A simple way to know if their temperature is ok, is sticking a finger in the mouth, her mouth was cold so I took her temp and it was too low for my thermometer to read. She was dying. Peanut knew it and didn’t want much to do with her.

If a baby goat is dropping in temp or is weak, this is my protocol

  • Bring her inside the house, snuggled her in electric blanket next to the fire place.

  • I use a hair blow dryer to help warm her up, creating a tent like shape out of the blankets.

  • BoSe injection (selenium) for a boost of strength.

  • Milk the dam’s colostrum, if you are able, and feed baby.

  • Rub cayenne pepper inside her gums.

It took about 45 minutes but I did get her temperature up to 98.5. And slowly… finally… reached 101.3. I brought her back out to Peanut and she accepted her back. All seemed to be going well.


We noticed the following day she looked like she was nursing but was becoming too weak to suck normal and Peanut was starting to avoid her again. I tube-fed the doeling a little under an ounce of colostrum. Within a couple hours, she approached her dam and Peanut took her back again.

Now, she is out of the woods! I am so proud of myself actually. I have researched and felt so prepared to help her which wasn’t the case last year.

This poor buckling hasn’t gotten nearly as much of my attention, but that’s ok, because his mama is obsessed with him. She’s so in love. The buckling was double the weight as the doeling at birth, he looks and acts like our 3-week old kids already. Very strong, healthy and correct posture. We love this little guy.