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Kids + Kids Goat Yoga - The Upper Elementary Class (3rd-5th Grade)

Kid + Kid Goat Yoga
-The Upper Elementary Class (3rd - 5th Grade)
Sunday May 26th 2019 at 11:00 am-11:45 am

$50 for 2 tickets (this includes 1 kid & 1 caregiver)

  • please purchase 2 tickets.


$75 for 3 tickets  (this includes 2 kids & 1 caregiver)

  • please purchase 3 tickets.

This class is only for third to fifth graders and 1 caregiver per 2 kids.

Introduce your kid to yoga with this once in a lifetime experience. Guided movement with baby goats up close and personal will help kids learn yoga postures and much more!
In this class we will spend time learning fundamental and advanced yoga postures with baby goats frolicking around us. Yoga instructor Miss Mazie will make sure every kid (and adult) feels comfortable in each yoga posture. Your kiddo will have a blast laughing and giggling while practicing mindfulness and balance. All while multiple baby goats join our yoga class and try to steal all the snuggles.

Professional photography included during and after class to capture this memorable experience!

We don’t want to be strict, but...

we take the safety of animals and human kids very seriously. Therefore, there is a zero tolerance policy for picking up, carrying, pushing, kicking, etc. the animals or other participants. 

Failure to follow this will result in immediate removal of your party off the Wildroot Goat Yoga property. 

We would appreciate your best judgment if your child can adhere to these policies before signing up for the Kids + Kids Goat Yoga class.